From Rav Rimon

Today, we are privileged to be living in Israel and enjoying the blessings of this land. Yet, these blessings are not available to or within the reach of all sectors of our population.

I am pained to see so many Ethiopian youth working in low-paying jobs. After all, these youth grew up in Israel. Here are a group of young men and women, many of whom traveled under the most dire and inconceivable circumstances with their parents — walking hundreds of miles across the desert sands, attacked by marauders, burying loved ones — to arrive on ‘eagles wings’ to the land of Israel — and still be suffering from poverty and lack of access to modern day resources.

“The spirit of Achotenu is founded on two Halachic precepts.”

One. As the words of the Rambam were the guiding spirit behind JobKatif, so too with Achotenu. In his “Laws of Charity” the Rambam writes that the greatest level of charity “is to support a fellow Jew by endowing him with a gift or loan, or entering into a partnership with him, or finding employment for him, in order to strengthen his hand until he need no longer be dependent upon others…”

Two. Charity and justice are basic tenets in the Nation of Israel. They are the building blocks of a just society. If we want a truly just society, a society that really cares, then we must empower marginalized sectors to also take part in employment opportunities. We must help open doors for them so that they can find stable employment, and improve their and their community’s future.

That is why we launched Achotenu. To help motivated young Ethiopian men and women become nurses in Israel’s medical institutions. By enabling them to do so, we are ensuring a stable income and better future for the second generation. Let their success resound throughout Ethiopian society and enrich Israeli society. And let us be worthy of receiving Hashem’s blessings.