Our Ethiopian Nurses Training Program was founded to help promote the Ethiopian sector economically. We believe that the best way to improve a sector’s economic prospects is through offering education in a field that will provide steady employment and a stable income, such as nursing. We began our pilot program in October 2013 when our first cohort of Ethiopian women commenced studies in nursing.

The students were enrolled in four nursing schools in Israel: Asaf Harofe, Barzilai, Meir and Hillel Yaffa Hospitals.

Within the framework of our program, the students received:

  • Full tuition
  • A preparatory program focusing on strategic learning skills
  • Monthly living stipends
  • Two weekly enrichment lessons throughout their studies
  • Personal mentor
  • Ongoing support (academic, emotional) from the program coordinator.
  • Regular facilitated group discussions among participants

Today they are nurses working in Israel’s hospitals throughout the country.

The next cohort of 25 students will begin studies in the 2016-2017 semester towards at BS in Nursing at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as part of a special joint project of Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Henrieltta Szold School of Nursing and JobKatif-Achotenu.